What's it all about?

Delicious, original and authentic picnics, made especially for you by artisan foodmakers using local specialities!

Now available along the Loire, in the Loir Valley, the Haute Sarthe and the Sarthe Valley at bakers, pâtissiers, butchers, charcutiers, cheese-shops and restaurants ...

Find and reserve your picnic made by LEBONPICNIC members in just three clicks.


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The idea

We founded LEBONPICNIC with the aim of giving travellers and lovers of the outdoors an easy way to discover the delicious food that is being produced by artisan food-makers in the places they visit.

LEBONPICNIC is a network of artisan food-makers who will prepare picnics full of local specialities, to order, using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

LEBONPICNIC members create unique picnics that are practical, delicious, original and authentic. Our bakers, pastry-makers, butchers, charcutiers, cheese-mongers and chefs offer menus built around their finest recipes : salads, quiches, tarts, sandwiches, fruit, cheeses, charcuterie, pâtisseries and bread...

LEBONPICNIC.COM offers you a free online reservation service. You can place your order up to 6 pm. the day before your picnic and pick-up and pay for it locally at our members shops and restaurants.

Our commitments

The members of LEBONPICNIC are committed to serving a 100% artisan picnic promoting fresh, local produce in an environmentally-friendly biodegradable and compostable packaging.

LEBONPICNIC is good for discovering the best local products, good value, good for the environment and good for local business too.

Why not pick-up LEBONPICNIC next time you plan an outing in the beautiful French countryside ?

Join us ?


If you are an artisan food-maker

and you would like to present your products within LEBONPICNIC network, we offer a complete package to help you create and promote your signature picnic.

If you have a tourism or hospitality business

and you would like to offer a LEBONPICNIC service to your clients, we will help you to find or encourage a picnic purveyor near you.

If you are an Tourist Office or a locality

We offer a service to help you set up a network of picnic purveyors in your area.

Please get in touch :
Tél. 07 71 89 12 77
See you soon!

Suggest an artisan

While you’re out and about in France, if you discover wonderful foods made by artisan food-makers who love their job and are passionate about local products why not drop us a line with their contact details?
We will invite them to join LEBONPICNIC and if they decide to do so, we will take great pleasure in offering you their first picnic!

We would love to hear from you.
Contact :
Tel. 07 71 89 12 77

Why Le Bon Picnic

We created LEBONPICNIC because :

We love walks, rides, nature and the beautiful scenery of the French countryside and we believe everything tastes better when you eat it outdoors.

We are excited to be able to discover and share some of the wonderful food heritage that is produced here every day by artisans, chefs and local farmers.

For us a picnic means freedom to eat when and where you want and they are easy, fun to share and good value for money

On holidays we don’t want to eat every meal in a restaurant (even if we love finding fantastic restaurants too). And sometimes when we get to the restaurant it’s closed or fully booked.

Picnics “Made in France” and local food shops are local traditions that we would like to make much more accessible, especially to foreign travellers.

Even if you can make your picnic yourself, it’s very nice when someone makes it for you and you go and pick it up nearby with all the accessories you need (and even more so when there are lots of you and you’re away from home).

We are committed to supporting local communities, small business and promoting sustainable agriculture and short food supply chains in any way we can.

And we wanted to encourage local artisan food-makers to supply the kind of picnics we like to eat and to help you find them and enjoy them too.

Bienvenue chez LEBONPICNIC!

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The team



A British girl in love with France, Georgina loves to create and share beautiful and delicious experiences combining French food heritage, artisan’s talents, local produce and magnificent scenery.
Her grandfather gave her a taste for picnics when as a child she followed him on walks in the woods to share a tasty breakfast picnic cooked on an open fire (albeit under an umbrella on certain occasions).


Capable and inventive, Marc makes sure everything pulls together on time. Fond of good food and good wines he has had plenty of practice organising memorable picnics in a historic vineyard.
Multi-talented he also makes picnic baskets, repairs bicycles, tests recipes, tells stories and answers the telephone with a smile.

The «Pique-nique des Artisans»

LEBONPICNIC marks the happy ending of Le Pique-nique des Artisans project which was started in 2014 by Georgina Gensollen McDermott and Delphine Jacob under the patronage of the CGAD (Confédération Générale de l'Alimentation de Détail) of the Pays de La Loire in partnership with Terroirs et cohérences.

We would like to thank our many partners and the artisan food-makers for their continued support and encouragement : Conseil Régional des Pays de la Loire, la Chambre Régionale des Métiers et de l’Artisanat, les Chambres des Métiers de la Sarthe et du Maine et Loire, le Département de Maine-et-Loire, Anjou Tourisme, l’Office de Tourisme du Grand Saumur, l’Office de Tourisme de Loire-Authion, l’Office de Tourisme Une autre Loire, l'Office de Tourisme du Pays d'Ancenis, le Département de la Sarthe, Sarthe Développement, l'Office de Tourisme de la Vallée du Loir, la MNRA Mutuelle des Artisans et Cointreau.

Nous remercions tous nos partenaires ainsi que tous nos artisans pour leur aide et leurs encouragements!

To contact us

By post : 7, rue Pascal, 49400 Saumur
By phone : +33(0)7 71 89 12 77